Easing Into It…

I told you yesterday that Zman and I were going to begin our in home workout program.  Now, I can’t yet share with you the name of the program, but I will tell you that it is an intense 25 minute workout.  The great news is that Zman and I made it through the entire 25 minutes…. watching it while we had dinner!  However, I also need to share with you that even Zman said he felt a little tight afterwards and probably should have stretched a bit before watching the full 25 minute video.  We all know you have to be careful starting any work out program.  E-A-S-E into it…   Sretch, breathe, chew, sip of wine, and e-a-s-e into it.  We’ll see how tomorrow’s work out goes.

On another note, we got some pretty nice responses from our first blog post, and I can’t tell you how precious that is for us.  Thank you for your support and kindness.  You are loved!

And, this just in… the laptop that I planned to do my  post on is a P.O.S.  So it will be going to the Dr. tomorrow in hopes it can pull through, if not we may be shopping soon.  (Keep it between me and you, Zman doesn’t know that yet….  )  Should the P.O.S. not make it, I would be interested in your thoughts of new laptops or tablets.  What do you use and love?

Oh, and yes Zman and I made it through another day of being smoke free without bodily harm.  We are doing good.  No it is not without the occasional surge of emotional outburst of four letter words, but we have learned to laugh at each other over it.  Realizing that it is some kind of out of body experience that you have little control over, as his head spins around and you’re fully expecting the Man you love to spew pea soup all over you!  Just sayin.   And then we laugh…  Easing into day 30 today!

Y’all take care!


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