Monday Money (week 2)

Happy Monday Y’all!

Last week we figured out how much money we have.    I hope you kept up with it so that this Monday you already know how much money you have available to you.  (you have kept up with it,  right?)

This week we are going to add to the routine of keeping track of how much money we have with figuring out how much money we spend. 

We are going to write down every penny we spend.  Keep a piece of paper or an index card in your pocket or purse and every time you spend money I want you to write it down.  Even if it’s just a cup of coffee, or a news paper… write it down.  All week.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cash, debit card, check, or credit card,   write it down. 

Even if it’s something you do routinely like putting gas in the car,    write it down.

The first time I did this it was very eye opening.  It didn’t occur to me that those little daily purchases were actually costing me big money when added up.  If you stop at the drive through dollar menu a few times a week for breakfast, then stop for a nice coffee a few times a week, believe me it’s adding up.

One of the main reasons I wanted to quit smoking is because of the money it was costing me.  My smokes were costing me almost $5 a day,    $35 a week,  $140 a month    all the way up to almost $1,700.00 a year!   That’s huge!    

The thing was, I knew I was wasting this money.  I knew it because it was a stupid habit.  It wasn’t like eating.  I mean, we have to eat to fuel our body, to live.       So stopping at the drive through for breakfast might seem ordinary because we are feeding our body, and our body needs food.

Those are the expenses that slip by us and we don’t realize how much they are adding up.

What we want to figure out this week is where our money is going.   We aren’t going to alter our routines this week.  The only goal here is to get a picture of where our money is going.

I hope you have a great day!

Y’all take care!


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