A Positive Attitude…

Is a choice. 

I read that off of a reader board church sign the other day and really liked it. 

I figured it was GOD wanting me to get the message, so I turned around and stole the letters off the sign.     Just kidding.  But wouldn’t that be funny. 

“Uh, you see officer, I felt like GOD wanted me to get that message so I took it.   LOL!!!! ”  🙂

I do think a positive attitude is a choice.  And, to be honest it’s a choice I haven’t been doing very well with lately.  I seem to be a bit more sensitive and short fused.  I know, I know…. it’s the stopping smoking.    But, how long should I let that be an excuse? 

Right here right now, I say stop using it as an excuse and focus on the positives.  Focus on the feel good parts and the happy parts and be thankful for the challenges because the challenge is what makes it worth it.  Right?  Right!


Here is a pictures of our Mardi Gras dinner last week.  Shrimp and grits.   YUM!!!

Blog Food Pics 015

So, are you with me?  From here on out my choice is a positive attitude.  Not to worry about the things I can’t change, but change the things I can and to enjoy all the things that make me happy and not take them for granted.  Especially shrimp and grits 🙂

Y’all Take Care!


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