Friday Fun

Momma said there would be days like this.   Well, how about a full week of days like this???  Hhhhmmm Momma????  Did you know that????      Hhhhhmmmm????     Well???      Did ya?????

Like when the Zman was on a work trip out of town one night this week and for dinner I devoured a half pint of butter pecan ice cream right out of the container. 

But, I thought the dinner needed something savory to off set the sweetness,   so I added a half bag of Tostios chips flavored with a hint of lime.   Didn’t you like how I made that sound all chef like?

Yep, that’s right, I sat on the sofa and ate both the ice cream and chips until I could see the bottom of both containers! 

But, I wasn’t a total slug that evening, I did manage to wash the dishes,  which was the spoon I used to eat the ice cream.

At this point you’re probably also wondering how the exercise work outs have been going. 

And, if we were sitting across from each other having this conversation (so you couldn’t see me lie because I do not have a poker face at all)   I would probably say something like….. “don’t ask, or let’s not go there right now”

But, since we aren’t sitting across from each other right now, I’ll come clean (which means lie) and say that I had a very good reason for not working out this week.  

It’s true!!!

First, I was very very sore from working out the first two days and then the new tennis shoes that I bought hurt my feet, and I had to take them back, which took me a really long time, because I had to walk the whole way to the store,  up hill both ways and in two feet of snow, and it was dark outside, and I didn’t have a flashlight,  and…. and…..

I – Just – Couldn’t – Do – It – Today.      Which like I said turned into a full week of todays.

Even though I dropped a few things, broke a couple things, burned some toast, ate too much good stuff and not enough of the good for you stuff, I still made it through the week without ending up in the corner of a dark room sucking my thumb, rocking back and forth. 

That’s because  sometimes you just know……  you got help.  🙂


And that’s a beautiful thing!   

I hope you have a Fun Friday and a lovely weekend.

Y’all take care!

P.S.  This is a picture that the ZMan took from our back porch last year.  It’s so beautiful.  It reminds me of God’s beauty and grace every time I look at it!

And, don’t worry… My Momma knows I love her very much.     Happy Birthday Momma {{{HUGS}}}


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