Weekend Fun

The Z Man and I had a fun this weekend enjoying the St.Patrick’s Day events down town.   I should’ve taken pictures of us in our St.Patrick’s Day t-shirts.  

After that we went to one of our favorite spots.  Montano’s  for these…

Blog Food Pics 043         Blog Food Pics 041

The Z Man gets the burger and I always get the italian sub, which is way too much food for one meal, but I don’t complain, ever!

We had most of the italian deli sub leftover for lunch on Sunday.  Even awesome leftover!  

Sunday was take a shower and get back into pajamas day, watching it ice and snow. 

We are SO ready for Spring!!!!!!

We are ready for Spring, but the Z Man is already preparing for next winter…. 

Blog Food Pics 032

Got wood?

I did grill some chicken breast for this week’s lunches…

Blog Food Pics 027

And, processed pepperoni for our pizza nights.  I buy the long stick of pepperoni and slice it with my food processor.  

I think the pepperoni taste much better and it cost less this way….   I’m all about costing less.

Blog Food Pics 037     Blog Food Pics 040

Blog Food Pics 035

That was about it for our weekend.   Low key, just the way we like ’em. 

Y’all take care!


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