Wednesday Waste

Since starting this blog a few weeks ago, I’ve become even more aware of what we have vs. what we need.

I check the fridge more often to make sure there aren’t expiration dates running out, or that I have veggies going bad in the bottom drawer.

It’s like I’m in a constant inventory mode at home making sure that we have what we need, and if we can use something else “in place” of what we don’t have. 

I find myself thinking more about how I can reuse something instead of throwing it in the garbage. 

No, I’m not turning into a hoarder, I’m just becoming more aware, and realizing that we really do have a lot of stuff. 

For example.  This week the rim of our cookie jar (you know, the one that holds the granola) got chipped.  So, instead of throwing the jar out, I’m trying to think of a way I can fit some type of gasket around the top of the jar to protect our fingers from possible cuts and prevent the lid from further breaking the lip of the jar (being glass on glass).  

I’ll come up with something.  I don’t want to throw the jar away, that would be a waste.

And, since we are talking about waste, I’m proud to say that the only thing that got tossed this week was a bag of homemade croutons.  But, they got tossed out into the yard to feed the birds, so I don’t feel bad about that at all.  And, the birds have really enjoyed them with all the ice and snow we’ve had.

You might be wondering why we had croutons to toss out.  Well, in our stopping smoking adventures you might recall that I mentioned in an earlier post that the ZMan and I have pulled through some testy times with short fuses and “even dodged the threat of croutons being thrown at each other”    Remember?  

We have noticed that our sense of taste (and smell) have really changed and from that the ZMan has decided that he doesn’t like croutons on his salads anymore.    


Yet, I still love wine… go figure.   🙂 🙂

OK, now back to Wednesday Waste…

This might look like waste…

Blog Pics - Food 004    Blog Pics - Food 006

But it’s not.  I keep a gallon bag in the freezer and when I’m chopping celery, carrots or onions I throw the end pieces in the bag to use for stock.  I also put chicken bones and trimmings in the bag, so when I need to make stock I just dump the bag into a pot and add water (salt and pepper corns) and cook it down.

I’ll admit that I used to buy chicken stock all the time.  But not anymore.  Why would I pay almost $3 for a box of stock when I can buy a whole chicken for about $4  and get all the meat for a meal or two and then make stock with the bones.  I also don’t use a perfectly good onion, celery or carrot to make stock when the end pieces work beautifully.   That’s just my 2¢  (that I’m saving).

How about you?  Have you checked your fridge and pantry lately to see if you need to use something before it goes bad on you?

Y’all take care!


One thought on “Wednesday Waste

  1. have missed a lot of your posts, too busy lol, need to go back and re read. love this tip. sadly i have several boxes of those $3 and $4 stocks on my shelves. and even the organic ones have sugar in them, go figure that! as i slowly put things back into my kitchen, i will be checking and double checking to see if i really need or want that thing. i have managed very well with just a couple things in my makeshift kitchen in a corner of the living room. as for your jar, try a strong emery board to sand down the spot. or a piece of sand paper………or if Z-man has a little portable sander with a fine attachment. i have saved many things that way.

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