Friday Fun and A Giveaway

It’s Friday… It’s Friday…  Yea Yea…. Yea Yea!!!

Are you starting every Friday singing our little song?

No?  Well, then…          NO CROUTONS FOR YOU EITHER!!!

OK, look, I know I’m not one of these big bloggers who make a ton of money through advertising or write books and articles for big name magazines.  No, I don’t have hundreds of readers every day.   (not yet anyway) 😉

BUT, that doesn’t mean that I can’t give something away to my readers too.  Right?

And, here it is….

Blog Food Pics 049

A set of Pampered Chef measuring spoons.

There is a reason I picked the measuring spoons. 

I can be heavy handed on things like putting detergent in the washer or dish washer, or when adding an ingredient to something I’m cooking.  If I don’t measure then I’m sure to use too much of whatever it is that I’m using.

Using measuring spoons and cups has saved me quite a bit both in money and in disasters of recipes. 

If you don’t believe me, then take that teaspoon you use to put the sugar in your coffee or tea in the morning and scoop out with it what you normally do, then pour it into the teaspoon measuring spoon.  I’ll bet it fills it and runs over the sides. 

HA!  See, I told you.

A friend of mine said she was sure to save money in dog food because when she measured out a cup of food compared to what she had been scooping, it was closer to 2 cups of food for her dog, twice a day.  Now, that’s a huge savings!

Anyway…    To win, all you have to do is leave a comment about something you got from one of my blogs this week. 

That doesn’t mean a comment about my bad grammar or misspelled words.  Um, ’cause this isn’t a big name magazine  🙂

I’ll have the Zman randomly pick a number and that will be the winner! 

Then you can tell all your friends about this great blog, and like it on facebook so I’ll get 100 likes and then maybe some day when I have 1000’s of readers I can get them all to sing…

It’s Friday… It’s Friday… Yea Yea…  Yea Yea !!!!!

Then, we’ll work on world peace….

I hope you have a Fun Friday and a lovely weekend!

Y’all take care!


P.S.   I have to exclude family from the giveaway (which is a shame, because I might not have a winner at all because of that) And, I have to limit the giveaway to US and Canada winners only.  ZMan will do the drawing on March 30th.

4 thoughts on “Friday Fun and A Giveaway

  1. Joy! That’s what I get every time I read your blog. Joy! 🙂 If you mean something you wrote about, then my answer is salt potatoes. I don’t think I’d ever heard of salt potatoes until reading about them here.

  2. Smiley! Your blog always makes me smile because you are so personable and I can actually hear you saying what your saying (that probably only makes sense to me). I cant wait to try salt potatoes when I have my own garden.

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