Grilling Chicken

The weather is beautiful today and in the mid 70’s which means I’m going to grill out tonight.  Which also means I’ll be beating my chicken tonight, just like this….


Blog Food Pics 137     Blog Food Pics 140


All you need is some kind of heavy object.  A small pan would work too.  I prefer using my rubber hammer that I actually stole from the Z Man’s work bench.  Ssshhhh 🙂


Put the chicken breast in a ziplock bag and have at it.

Really whack it!  It’s kind of fun actually in a therapy kind of way, but much cheaper,  trust me I KNOW!!!!

By beating the meat it creates the same thickness across the whole chicken breast, which means that it will cook evenly. 

You know how chicken breast are thicker on one side, well by the time that side cooks the rest of the breast is dry. 

Dry breast is not what I want.

After you beat the chicken, throw some seasoning on it, which I most often just use salt and pepper.

Toss it on the hot grill and cook it till the juices run clear.


Blog Food Pics 147


(When you are grilling meat don’t try to flip it until it lets go easily,  just trust it.  If you do you’ll tear the meat)

I love the warmer weather where the dinners consist of charred meat and some type of veggie.  So easy, less clean up and GOOD FOOD! 


Blog Food Pics 148      Blog Food Pics 151

Take Care!


2 thoughts on “Grilling Chicken

  1. First of all….temperatures in the 70’s…..I am so jealous 🙂 Next, never thought of using a regular rubber mallet for tenderizing chicken (I used by rolling pin!) and last but not least….so happy to have found your blog!! Will be checking in often

    1. Welcome to ZLifeBlog!
      Yep, I grabbed it in a pinch one day and never put it back on the work bench. He doesn’t seem to have missed it in the years I’ve had it in my kitchen. 🙂

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