Head In The Sand…

Have you ever not done something because you were worried about the out come and perhaps being let down by it?    I know I have!

Last summer was when I really got into preserving food from the gardens.  More than just the usual of canning tomatoes and green beans, I really broadened my skills by buying this book…


Blog Food Pics


This book has a canning recipe for anything you could imagine.  And, this book has paid for itself multiple times over by feeding me and the ZMan.

One of the canning recipes I experimented with was pickled red cabbage.  The reason was mainly because we had so much cabbage in the garden, and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

It wasn’t a difficult recipe but it was time consuming.

The jars turned out beautiful, but I have to admit that these jars of pickled red cabbage have set in my pantry for about seven months untouched because I was worried that it wouldn’t taste good for some reason.


Blog Food Pics 075


I worried I would end up tossing it out and all the time and effort that went into growing and preserving the food would be wasted, ultimately leading to disappointment.

All that is another way of saying I had my head in the sand over it.

BUT, last week when I made pork chops I decided to open a jar of our pickled cabbage.

I added it to a pan with a little bacon fat, celery seed, caraway seed and honey and heated it through as you can see here.


Blog Food Pics 078




It paired perfectly with the pork chops and the sweet potato in this meal…


Blog Food Pics 080


We will be canning more pickled red cabbage this season, and I hope that my lesson is learned about sticking my head in the sand.  I’m thinking at the very least I’m getting better about it because I took a chance and started this blog.

I suppose a chance for failure is just as easily a chance at success.

Y’all Take Care!



2 thoughts on “Head In The Sand…

  1. okay the cabbage looks awesome, but what i really notice is, you use your cast iron pans on your smooth top stove??????

    1. I know Sylvia… I’m very careful not to slide the pan and I never turn the heat up on high. I would love to have a new gas stove, but it’s only a want right now. 🙂

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