Friday Fun… Oh My!

I hope you’ve had a good week. 

Here in Virginia we did have a warm weather week, however the rain and cooler temperatures are coming back in for the weekend and next week.    YAY,  NOT!!!

This weeks warmer weather did allow for some of the flowers to pop out, like these.


Blog Food Pics 167



And, the warmer weather got the ZMan in the garden planting radishes, cauliflower and beets. 


Blog Food Pics 164


This weekend we are going to hopefully get our potatoes and cabbages planted.


I’ll also do a bit of spring cleaning this weekend.  Windows, baseboards and floors… oh my!


Last Friday for our pizza night I attempted a deep dish pizza that turned out pretty darn good. 




Blog Food Pics 101        Blog Food Pics 104



Now, if I’m being honest the motivation behind this pizza was simply that I wanted to use my toaster oven instead of the conventional stove oven to cook it. 

Save electricity = save money. 

But hey, I’m glad my frugal ways kicked in because it was one of our best homemade pizzas ever!    

It was so good, we’ll be having it again tonight.


I hope you have a fun Friday and a lovely weekend!

Y’all Take Care!



PS:  After noticing my stove top in yesterday’s post picture,  I can see that I need to “scrub” it this weekend too.  Oh My 😉

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