I’ve had something on my mind lately and I can’t shake it. I keep thinking about living life slower. Taking my time to do the things that I’m doing. Such as making dinner or even taking a walk. I mean does every dang walk have to be a power walk. Sure I need the exercise, but I think slowing down and enjoying the scenery is just as important. And, honestly it should be more than just the scenery from my front porch with a glass of wine in my hand. Yes, it’s true that I have no problem taking my time doing that.
I just keep thinking that the first 40 years of my life lived me and now it’s time for me to live life. Actually walk slower, talk slower, be more patient and enjoy the sound of a laugh or the sound of a song and actually hear the words. As for laughing the ZMan takes care of that for me on a daily basis. I often tell him he should do stand up comedy. He is by far the funniest person I know. I hope one day I can get him to try it, because I know he would rock at it. He can take the simplest story and turn it into a great hilarious adventure.
I know (now) that the early years of life (god I sound old) being the 20’s and 30’s, they are supposed to be busy with new jobs, new homes, new spouses (a couple of times) and babies. So, it’s perfectly understandable that you feel like life is living you. Which also makes sense to reason that after the kids have grown and doing their things, after you’ve worked 20 years or so and realize now that what’s most important about the job is benefits and retirement, settling into your home and realizing that you don’t need a new set of living room furniture every 3 years, just finding your style of living.
I don’t remember having big dreams of becoming…. Anything. I knew I would become something, but I wasn’t one of these people who knew early on she wanted to be a scientist or a doctor or an astronaut.   All I ever wanted was to be happy.   I always liked to write.   I’ve been putting words on paper for many years.   About a month ago, shortly after I started ZLifeBlog my Mother gave me a homemade booklet of poems that I had made her when I was a young child.
So it makes sense to me that I feel like after all these years I’m finally living my life.   I’m married to the love of my life and we share similar interest and goals.   Yes, I finally have goals for life that include more than just making the mortgage and car payment.   It feels good to enjoy life so much now that I want to slow it down and really take it all in.   I want to smell all the flowers and watch all the stars in the summer night sky with the ZMan.

This is life. This is the life I’m living, laughing and loving. The Z Way.




Y’all Take Care!


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