The Last Glass…

So often people come and go from our lives as time passes.   We create beautiful friendships that lift us up and brighten our lives.

I had a beautiful friend that shared her life with me.   Her stories, her recipes, her love of  life.

I wanted to grow old to be just like her.

It’s a shame that life moves so fast, and sometimes unfortunately we let those friendships fall by the wayside.

If only that didn’t happen….

Then perhaps your heart wouldn’t be broken with guilt when you find out that you’ve already shared your last glass of wine with that friend.

I’m so sorry that I failed you as a friend,

I’m so stupid for being so damn stupid!!!

I love you so much and I know you would be proud of me now.

There is a forever scar on my heart for letting you go without you knowing how much I love you and how much you made me who I am now.  How you guided me and helped me when I needed it.

I am forever in debt to you my Dear Friend, and I will always love you.

Even as you are gone, you are teaching me and I will do better, I promise…  I promise!!!

I am SO SO SORRY!!!!

I Love You Always My Dear Friend Lois!!!

Heaven received a lovely Angel today.

Rest In Peace Lois.




These are your wings My Friend Lois….. These are Your Wings To Heaven!!!


We Should All Take Care Of What’s Important, Because Nothing Else Matters!



2 thoughts on “The Last Glass…

  1. I can’t help thinking that your earlier post about taking things more slowly and really savoring them was the lesson for this. It is so difficult when loved ones leave us unexpectedly and easy for us to be rueful that we didn’t take the time because..and here we can fill it with anything and it doesn’t matter, it all seems so damn inconsequential.I think the best way we can celebrate those loved ones who’ve passed on is to live our lives as our best selves, the way they saw us.

    I’m sure Lois knows.

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