The BEST Steaks!!!

The ZMan and I are big venison eaters.  We have a freezer full of venison.  We consider it to be the best organic, free range meat we can get, and we love it.

However, I will admit that every now and then we also like a big thick juicy grilled steak.  Like these….


Blog Food Pics 200


A friend of the ZMan gave him two grain fed prize steer t-bone steaks and we grilled them last weekend.


I have to tell you I don’t think I have ever had a better steak in my life.  I thought the steaks I bought at the store were good, but man oh man these were perfect.  So tender you really didn’t even need a knife, and the flavor was Outstanding!!!!!


I am going to try to get my hands on more of these for the freezer to have on hand for when we do want one.

I love it when you get a chance to try something new and then love it.


Blog Food Pics 201    Blog Food Pics 203


Thanks to the ZMan’s friend for the wonderful steaks!!!!

Oh Yea Baby we cleaned the bone!!!


Blog Food Pics 209


But, now I’m spoiled for good meat!

Y’all Take Care!!!






2 thoughts on “The BEST Steaks!!!

  1. Yum! I miss the steaks we got when we had bought a cow a few years ago. BUT I’m moving to a grass fed Angus farm
    Can’t wait!

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