Emotions Can Be Dangerous…

First let me apologize for not having posted in what seems forever.  I’ve missed it so much!  I believe this post will give you some insight as to why it’s been so long…

How can emotions be dangerous especially to your financial goals you ask?

Ok, so maybe you’re not asking, but I’m back to the blog world now and have a lot to share. 🙂

The harvest season (meaning the over time pay season) at my job begins in April and ends in October.  This is the time of year that I count on to bank some extra money.

Let me interject here that this is a very high paced, service and retail oriented business.  With that, comes all the stresses that you could imagine.

I’m not complaining, let me just say that I am very thankful for my job, all 6 days a week of it.  But, I am tired.  We are all tired and are already looking forward to fall.   And, I’ll admit that there is something a little sad about wishing your summer away.  But, it is what it is.

Anyway…  The Zman and I have given ourselves a 5K financial goal this year.  Meaning we want to save an additional $5,000 over our current savings into retirements, and other savings.

But, let me tell you how I just about blew the whole plan!!!  You’re about to read how emotions can be dangerous, especially to your finances!

It all started on Monday…

The ZMan was working night shifts this week, which means we pass in the morning before and after work with just enough time to kiss hello and goodbye.  😦

When I get to work, the phone starts blowing up with customers needing and wanting and complaining and praising and you name it we had it going on.  The full spectrum of a customer bringing us homemade chocolate chip cookies to being called every name in the book and crying.  It makes for a l-o-n-g  day.  A long week, a long summer!!!

Earlier this year The ZMan and I had decided to pass on our annual beach trip this year to work on our $5K challenge.  (I know poor me, right!)   Well…..

By Monday afternoon I had decided that we were in fact going to go on our annual beach trip, but not only that… we were also going to go out and buy a truck and a camper so we could go on our annual beach trip, because I didn’t want to stay in a cabin anymore.  And, well I deserve it because I work hard, and people can be mean, and I’m tired, and I need a break and I and I and I and I and I……

Yep, I was ready to wipe out our entire savings, and take out a loan to finance our well deserved camper and truck so we could go on a week long beach trip.   It was going to be great, and honestly I thought it was the best idea ever.  No matter the cost and giving up a full week of pay with overtime to do it, it is going to be GREAT!!!




Oh Yea, I can feel the sand under my feet and taste the salt in the air now……


Sidebar here….        I have done this before.  Several years ago I made plans for us to go camping and reserved a spot in the campground at the beach for a camper that we didn’t even own yet.  Then we bought our camper for our vacation.   The lady taking my reservations asked me what size camping site I needed to fit my camper in and she got a real big kick out of the fact that I was reserving a spot for a camper that we didn’t own yet.  I suppose size does matter sometimes 🙂

Anyway….   back to my story…   I came home from work and gave The ZMan every good reason why we needed to do this, could afford it and would save money in the years to come because of it.  Heck, it’s like an investment!

He was an absolute saint to me.  He listened and agreed that yes he thinks we deserve a nice vacation too.  So….

We were looking at campers and trucks, and talking about what kind we wanted.   I was making dinner, having a glass (or three) of wine, beginning to relax, and even getting excited for us getting new toys and going on a great vacation.  I was feeling so much better, having fun even.

That’s when The ZMan (the Saint) blindsided me with the sweetest voice and loving eyes and said “but Babycakes (that’s me by the way), what about our $5K plan?”

That one question set my world right again.  I immediately looked up to the sky and thanked GOD for loving us.  I am blessed with a perfect life with the love of my life and sometimes I forget that.  The ZMan absolutely talked me right off the ledge.  Well, he did more than talk, but that’s between me and him 😉

I am blessed with a Husband that loves me enough to understand and even entertain my emotional (crazy) splurge ideas and take part in honest conversations about how great this or that might be, and then bring me back home to what is really important to us.  Our future together.

No our life might not “seem” perfect to others because we work hard, eat leftovers, hang our clothes on the line to dry, recycle, repurpose and reuse, shop at Goodwill, drive older cars, heat our house with a wood stove, and try to find more ways to save.

But, we think it’s perfect, and that’s all that matters to us.

So, we will not be buying a camper or truck, and we are sticking to the plan and passing on going to the beach this summer.

Thank you so much for letting me share my little story with you, I hope you enjoyed it.  I’ve missed blogging and can’t wait to get back to it full on.

Y’all Take Care!


6 thoughts on “Emotions Can Be Dangerous…

  1. I totally get how there are times where you just wanna do something. If you revisit the idea of taking a beach trip because you have in fact made your extra 5K savings goal and decide to go for it, you can always rent a camper. I’m not sure how expensive that is, but if you can rent the kind that you might some day want to consider buying, you can consider this a test run.

    In the meantime, squirrel away the OT, and good on the ZMan for talking you down from that ledge.

  2. I’ve totally been there! Well done to both of you for sticking to your savings goal, it’s so hard to prioritize that when you’re feeling stressed out and busy and so much easier to give in to instant gratification. You’ll be so pleased you did in the long run 🙂

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