30 Days, Done!

30 days of no wine, DONE!  I’m so happy and glad that I did this.  So much so, that I think I’m gonna keep it up.   I think wine consumption will be for special times, not just because It’s 5:00.

This is what the past 30 days brought me.

  1.  Well, it goes without saying that there was some serious money saved in the past 30 days.  $275.00   Yep, isn’t that crazy?!  I mean, think about $275 a month for 12 months… that’s $3,300.  That’s a chunk of change for sure.
  2. The Z Man and I decided to invest the wine savings into our health and purchased a Nordictrack treadmill.
  3. I’m sleeping much better.  I suppose not pouring myself in between the sheets each night allows for a good night sleep and not to mention a more pleasant morning.
  4. I really don’t miss it.  Not like I was during the first week.  Actually, I don’t even give it much thought now.

Like I said, I’m really glad that I took some time for self-reflection.  I’m glad that I did a little self check for myself.  Even if the original plan to abstain from wine for 30 days was more for frugal reasons, I have to admit that it was good for me.

Take care!




7 thoughts on “30 Days, Done!

    1. Sylvia, I’m excited about the treadmill. Now that I’m not sitting on my butt drinking wine I can be more productive with my time (hopefully) 🙂

  1. Well done Lori!!! That is a significant chunk of change you are saving every year. Imagine how great that wine is going to taste when you do have it occasionally 🙂

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