Shaking My Head In Frustration!!!

Get this, so not very frugal of me but I had to buy lunch out today.  I went to Subway and ordered a 6″ sub.  The person waiting on me pulled out  (what I assumed was) a 6″ bread to start making my sandwich.  Then he cut about 1″ off of it and threw it in the trash!!!  He would rather waste food and throw it in the garbage instead of giving it to a paying customer.  Honestly the bread then looked more like 4″ or 5″   He could tell the frustration on my face as I do not have a poker face.  I’m standing there with my mouth wide open and he says what would you like on it.  I changed my order to a chopped salad, when what I should have done was walk out the store and not given them my business.  I am seriously thinking about calling the manager of the store, but one thing is for sure I will not be going back there, ever!

The reason I had to buy lunch out was because I had no leftovers in the fridge.  I had an eye appointment yesterday and my eyes were still dilated by dinner time, which meant no cooking as I do value all of my fingers.

So, do you think I’m over reacting?  What would you have done?

Till next time,


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