I Love My Tervis Cup

Every weekday I use my Tervis cup to carry tea to work and then I continue to fill it with water through out the day.  But, sadly one morning before leaving for work I sat my cup on top of the car and it slid off and broke the lid.  Not Cool!

I’m a creature of habit, and I know that comfort is very important to me also.  We all know that water consumption is one of the key elements to good health and I probably fill my 24 oz water cup 4 or 5 times a day.  I have tried drinking from different cups and bottled water and it’s just not the same which results in me not drinking enough water.

So, off to Bed Bath and Beyond I went with coupon in hand and purchased a new lid for my Tervis cups.  (I have 2 that I alternate between, one was a gift and one I purchased at a thrift store in Texas for $1)  Anyway…. I was making conversation with the clerk ringing me up and told her about the cup falling off the hood of the car and that I was lucky only the lid had broken.  She said “Tervis cups have a lifetime warranty, you could just bring it back here for replacement”  I said, “I didn’t buy the cup here”, and she said “That’s ok, we can still replace it for you”

Now, while I’m not real keen on returning something back to a store I did not purchase it from, I do think contacting the manufacturer would be a good alternative.  Oh, and the warranty does not cover the lids.

These cups retail for around $25 so for a creature of habit like myself to continue to get the proper amount of water in daily, this guarantee is good news.  Very Cool!

Also noted, I could have  just flipped the cup over to see that it reads “lifetime guarantee”   Ahem (eyes rolling),  not exactly a lightbulb moment for me 🙂

I’m often guilty of not considering manufacturers warranties before replacing something.  This is a good lesson for me to start doing that.  Or even better considering the company’s reputation and warranty policy prior to making purchases.  I certainly would pay a higher price for something of better quality and lifetime warranty.

Drink up friends!!!  By the way, the reason the water in my cup looks a little brown is because it had a little leftover tea in the cup when I filled it up.  It’s not bourbon, I promise 😉


Till Next Time,


2 thoughts on “I Love My Tervis Cup

  1. A lid today, just don’t put anything important on top of car. I found a guy’s cell phone on my road that he had laid on his bumper.

    1. I know, I never do that and I don’t know why I did then. I was lucky it was just the lid and that it happened in the driveway and not down the road.

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