Friday Frugal Five

We were traveling this week to visit with new family members.  I’m a Grandma Y’all!!!   🙂

It’s hard to be frugal while traveling, but I think we managed pretty good.  The MMGC (March Madness Grocery Challenge) wasn’t in effect while we were traveling, but I did try to keep expenses to a minimum.  Before our trip my grocery expense was $0 for the month.  As of today I have spent $28 so far this month on groceries.  That $28 was on the way back home after an 11 hour road trip and I’m ok with that.  Since I am allowing myself $20 a week, I’m still within my allowance as I don’t anticipate any other purchases in the next 3 days.  I’m also ok with it because as tired as we were we didn’t opt for dinner out or picking up something to go after an 11 hour car ride.  Instead I chose to throw some salmon on the grill, fry some potatoes and onions and make a salad, and it was delicious!   No picture, because I was too tired to think about it.

I will be spending $45 on Monday, as I have a friend traveling to Vermont and offered to bring me a gallon of pure maple syrup that would cost me $80 here in Virginia. Challenge or not, that’s just wise spending. That will put me at a total of $73 leaving me a balance of (4.43 x $20 = $89) $16 for the month.  It’s gonna be tight, that’s for sure!

Now, on to 5 frugal things…

  1. washed and dried all our travel clothes yesterday taking advantage of the warm weather using the clothes line.
  2. brought leftovers to work with me for lunch.
  3. totaled receipts from our trip and will add back to the pickle jar today as it is payday.  (More on the pickle jar next week)
  4. our dinner last night consisted of everything we had harvested on our homestead.  Pork ribs, corn on the cob, deviled eggs, roasted turnips and butternut.
  5. working today instead of taking the last day of the week off after our trip because a day of making money is more frugal than a day of not making money.

Your turn….

Till Next Time,


2 thoughts on “Friday Frugal Five

  1. Also had a hectic travel week
    1) submitted my expense report and already have the check deposited
    2) should stop for loss leaders but I am sure the sale will come around again (really want to stick to the budget)
    3) planning a no spend no drive weekend unless I get to see a friend
    4) turning the heat off since DH is out of town
    5) eating from fridge and freezer this weekend (I’ll see if I can make up some freezer meals from what’s here)

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