Quit Smoking Tips and The Pickle Jar

It was about 4 years ago when I tried to quit smoking.  I tried and I failed.  Then a year or so later I tried to quit smoking again, and again I failed.  I’ve even blogged about it.  Over the past 4 years I’ve tried and failed at quitting many times.  I’ve used the patch, I’ve chewed the gum, I’ve tried cold turkey, I tried and tried and tried and failed every time.

It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I wish I had listened to my father when he said  “don’t ever start and you wont have to stop”

It is true, you have to want to quit and I remember someone saying that to me years ago after one of my failed attempts.  It pissed me off.   What did she know, she didn’t smoke, so she didn’t know how hard it is to quit.  But, she was right.  There is a lot of truth to what she said.  You have to want it more than wanting to smoke.  To the point that you are just really sick of smoking.  Just sick and tired of the smoke, the smell and the expense (how stupid is that).  Just flat out sick and tired of it!  Every smoker I know “wants to quit”   But it takes more than that because the pull is so strong, and the mind will play tricks on you, and the whole thing is a struggle.  Look up side effects of quitting smoking, the shit is real and it’s not easy!

Anyway…..   I got off on a little tangent there, sorry….   I had gotten to the point where I was enjoying lighting a cigarette and taking the first couple pulls and then it seemed like the cigarette smoked me.  I had become sick of smoking.  But it was the habit of smoking that was hard to quit.  I honestly did not think my car would start without lighting a cigarette.  Have a glass of wine, light a cigarette.  Cooking hasn’t been the easiest either, because I timed my cooking around how long it took to smoke a cigarette.  Put something in the oven, have a cigarette.  Boil some pasta, have a cigarette.  To my surprise my car did start without a smoke and now when I’m in the car I listen to books on cd to occupy the time.  I use the kitchen timer a lot more now when I’m cooking, and I’ve put down the wine glass because my taste for it has changed since quitting.  However, I do enjoy a ice cold Corona with lime now, but I’m watching my calories, so now I’m enjoying vodka and seltzer water with a squeeze of lime, 90 calories baby.

I honestly believe that I have kicked it this time.  So, what’s different this time?   The pickle jar is what’s different.  See, I had this large empty pickle jar in my basement.  I dusted it off and attached a weekly chart showing the amount of money I would save by not smoking.   Each week I have been putting that money in the pickle jar.  It is such a motivation for me to actually see that money saved.  If I hadn’t started the pickle jar I know the money would’ve gotten absorbed into other spending and I wouldn’t actually “see” the money.  I like money a lot more than I like smoking!



Sure, I still get a craving every now and then for a cigarette, but it passes quickly and when that happens I just say out loud “It’s Not An Option”   The Z Man quit smoking too and we are both breathing fresh air and loving it.

Yes the pickle jar still smells a bit like pickles, but that’s better than smelling like cigarette smoke!

Till Next Time,


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