Honey Wheat Bread

I made bread this past weekend…

IMG_20160409_104009249 IMG_20160409_112502623 IMG_20160409_114356035 IMG_20160409_131313085

IMG_20160409_135231122 IMG_20160409_150346001 IMG_20160409_161710014 IMG_20160409_172948204

There is a lot of waiting in bread making…. hence the corona with the second rise.

I used a honey wheat bread recipe from the kitchn website.

Several years ago I tried my hand at baking bread, but I never really got very good at it so I just stopped.  I’ve been wanting to start baking bread, which I’m sure comes as no surprise to you since I’ve been ranting about the fake crap in the grocery stores….  But the thought of hand kneading bread for the 8 to 9 minutes like this recipe called for did not appeal to me.

For a long time I’ve been debating on purchasing a stand mixer, but I just kept hesitating spending the money for one because they are expensive, and I didn’t know how much use I would give it.  Then about six weeks ago a wonderful thing happened.  I was given the opportunity at work to pick out a bonus prize from a vendor points award catalog.  Guess what I picked?




Well that sealed the deal and I couldn’t wait to try my hand again at making bread.  So, I started researching sour dough starter recipes and all kinds of other bread recipes.

I have to admit that while the stand mixer was kneading the honey wheat dough for 8 to 9 minutes, I took great pleasure in popping the top on a Corona and just watching it work.

I couldn’t be happier with my honey wheat bread, both loaves turned out almost perfect.  It was moist with a great texture, a perfect sandwich bread.  I probably could’ve baked it for another minute or so, but I’m not complaining and the Z Man loved it too.  My first wheat bread bake turned out great, which gave me the inspiration to keep going….

In the third picture you can see that I have two bowls covered.  One is the wheat bread and in the other bowl I had a sour dough bread rising.

I’ve been working on my sour dough starter for about 2 weeks now, and again for the starter and the bread recipe I referenced the kitchn website.  (really that is how it’s spelled) 😉

I baked two loaves of sourdough bread after the wheat breads.  While the sourdough bread had a great flavor to it, I have to say that the bread was too tough, which was completely my fault because I tried to rush it.  You can’t rush baking!

But all in all I’m very pleased with my baking day.  I turned out two really good loaves of honey wheat bread, and two tasty  sour dough bricks.  Next I want to try the frugal girls homemade hamburger bun recipe.

Again, sometimes I post the recipes I use and sometimes I don’t.  But, if you would like a recipe you see on Z Life Blog just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to share it.


What’s Cooking 4/13/16?

  • Breakfast: a properly sweetened jar of overnight oats with walnuts, a sprinkle of cinnamon, diced apple, and a tablespoon of maple syrup
  • Lunch: salad in a jar (the same as yesterday)
  • Dinner: meatloaf, steamed broccoli and corn on the cob

Y’all Have A Great Day!

Till Next Time,
















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