Myrtle The Bird & What’s Cooking 4/14/16?

Did I ever tell you the story about our bird, Myrtle?

Myrtle Bird

Several years back the Z Man and I went on vacation at Myrtle Beach.  When we arrived to our campsite Z Man noticed something across the way in the grass.  It was this beautiful blue and white parakeet.  I was on the phone with my Mom when I see the Z Man walking across the way with a shirt tied onto his fishing pole.

Yep, he caught the bird and probably saved it’s life.

So off we go to the store in search of a cage and food for the bird.  We got the bird set up in a comfortable little cage and then we let the campground owners know that we had caught someones bird and that the bird was ok and hopefully the owner could come get it and keep the cage and food too.

We kept the bird with us all week.  We would sit her cage out on the picnic table with us and people going by would say, awww they brought their bird to the beach with them, we brought our dogs and they brought their bird…..  It was pretty funny, I mean it’s not like a bird needs to be walked and fed daily, she can pretty much take care of herself for a few days.

So, by the end of our trip, no one had come to claim the bird and now we have a bird named Myrtle.

What’s Cooking 4/14/16?

  • Breakfast:  yogurt with granola
  • Lunch: salad in a jar
  • Dinner: bar-b-q pulled pork and ditalini salad – you can find the ditalini salad recipe here

I usually make a big bowl of ditalini salad as soon as the weather warms up and asparagus starts showing up plentiful in the grocery store.  It’s a nice light side dish that goes with anything and reminds me that warmer weather is on the way.

Y’all Have A Great Day!

Till Next Time,


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