Friday’s Frugal Five & A Frugal Fail

Happy Friday Y’all!

I had to change up the dinner plans last night because when I got home the crock pot of bar-b-q pulled pork I had put on before I left for work had burned to a crisp.  I’ve made bar-b-q in the crock pot many times, I’m not sure why it burned so bad yesterday.  Anyway, breakfast for dinner it was.  I whipped up a sausage, sweet pepper, onion and cheese frittata and it was delicious.  I love our chickens, I love having pets that feed us 😉

Friday’s Frugal Five:

  1. I completed a CE course I needed for work last Sunday and got paid 7 hours overtime for it.
  2. I finally got our taxes done, and while there is nothing frugal about waiting till the last minute, getting them done and sending the check in is certainly more frugal than not paying your taxes.  Uuuugghhh!
  3. I’m seriously contemplating purchasing a desk top computer so I can set my lap top on fire.  What’s frugal about this is that I’m doing my research of what we need vs. what we don’t and optional prices.  Perhaps I’ll trade our laptop in on a desktop instead of setting it on fire.  That of course would be the mature frugal thing to do, but it seriously would give me an abundance of pleasure to watch that POS burn in the front yard.
  4. We use our outdoor clothesline year round but in the winter the clothes just don’t smell as good as they do in the spring and summer.  I love clean sheet night with fresh air dried sheets in the spring.  Even as busy as I get in the spring and summer, clean sheet night still happens every week.
  5. Checked out several more books and books on cd from the library, made my returns on time = no late fees.  All meals came from the freezer and pantry which means no meals eaten out or taken out, bills are paid, money in the pickle jar and still breathing fresh air and loving it.

Frugal Fail: Because I don’t like to put hot foods in the refrigerator I usually let them sit on the counter to cool a bit first.  Earlier in the week I put the dinner leftovers on the counter to cool – ALL NIGHT LONG…  Not cool!  Maybe the food was  ok, maybe it wasn’t but I’m sure what isn’t frugal is a hospital visit for food poisoning.  No thank you!

laundry pic   Clean sheet night… one of my favorite things

What’s cooking 4/15/16?

  • Breakfast: onion, pepper, sausage and cheese frittata
  • Lunch: onion, pepper, sausage and cheese frittata
  • Dinner: taco salads, chips and salsa

Have a great weekend!

Till Next Time,


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