Friday’s Frugal Five

It’s been a busy week, but it seems like it flew by.  I wish I had some earth shattering frugal tips for you today.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember the frugal things to post about because they are so routine for us.    Things like using the clothes line to dry clothes or taking leftovers to work for lunches.

But I’ll say it again, it’s the little frugal things that add up and over time they just become the normal way of doing things.

Five Frugal Things:

  • This week the Z Man and I celebrated our anniversary.  A long time ago we decided that our food is better than most restaurants we’ve been to so very seldom to we ever go out for a meal.  We started a tradition for our anniversary celebrations to include BLT sandwiches and carrot cake.  When you have bacon like we have, a BLT sandwich feels like a special meal.  Our wedding cake was a carrot cake, so each year we have carrot cake for our anniversary.
  • I made a weeks worth of salad in a jar for our lunches.  During the busy months at work our dinners become more simple like sandwiches or something grilled which often doesn’t allow for leftovers.  I love salad in a jar and I’m a firm believer that is saves money and prevents waste when making all the salads at one time.  How many times have you bought salad ingredients only to find they got pushed to the back of the fridge, finding them days later in need of Viagra and on its way to the compost pile?  That doesn’t happen with salad in a jar because you make them all at one time.  It’s a great healthy grab and go meal.

   Lori 2016 Pics 036

  • I fell into a frumpy mood this week feeling that I needed to look better, more styled, more modern, prettier.   Fortunately some of my frugal friends gave me a little boost of encouragement helping me realize that I need to just keep taking care of myself (not smoking, eating better and quitting the omeprazole) and let the rest of those (not good enough, negative) feelings go.  More on this later…  lets just say for now I didn’t spend the $500 or so dollars it would’ve cost to (supposedly) feel better about myself.
  • Yesterday was cinco de mayo so we had taco salads for dinner because I had leftover meat and beans from the quesadillas we had on Wednesday so it was mexican two evenings in a row.  The funny thing is that we had BLTs on both Monday and Tuesday evenings.  No waste = frugal.   The Z Man is so easy going with my dinner plans, he is always happy no matter what I serve.  As long as its good food it doesn’t really matter to him what it is.  That makes meal planning so much easier.  Luckiest woman in the world I tell ya.
  • I completely failed to track my grocery spending for April.  I will go back and tally the receipts when I get time, but lesson learned because I’m sure I spent more because I didn’t track it.  So far for the month of May I’ve spent $14.57.  I want to stay as close to my $20 a week ($100 a month) budget as possible.  Now that I’m buying more local and organic foods it is a bit more expensive, but I’m just fine with the extra cost.  I would rather pay for it now than pay for it later with my health.  Tracking spending = frugal.

What frugal fun did you have this week?

Have a great day!

Till Next time,


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