Day 10 – No Prilosec – Update

I’m not proud to admit this, but to be thorough with this process, all needs to be noted which includes the good, the bad and the ugly of it.

Last night I had a bit of a melt down and was really having a pity party for myself.

See today is the 10th day of not taking prilosec (omeprazole) and for the past 7 days I have been experiencing some considerable discomfort with heartburn and reflux.  It’s not constant, but it’s pretty typical after any meal I eat.

With this has come a bit of depression and I recognize it, but recognizing it doesn’t make me able to ignore it.  This depression has caused me to be a bit of a short fuse.

The depression stems from constantly worrying about what I can eat, and how it will affect me causing pain or not.  Like I said in a different post, when I was taking the prilosec I could eat or drink anything I wanted and it didn’t affect me.  Just take a pill and it will be all better.  This includes wine.  I have come to realize that I simple can not drink wine, and as shallow as this sound I’m a bit sad over it.

The Z Man encouraged me last night not to give up and to do more research, to keep on keeping on.  Which is so incredibly generous of him because he is the one who suffers the most from my mood swings and frustration.

The potato soup and cornbread I made for dinner last night was a lovely meal, but even the small portion that I ate caused me great discomfort.  I suppose it was the onions in the soup.

I went back to my natural foods store this morning and got very lucky because there was a representative there who knew a lot about the subject of the PPIs drugs (prilosec, nexium, omeprazole) and was able to share some information with me as far as diet including bone broth (which I happened to bring with me for lunch today)

We went over everything I’m currently taking and he was in full agreement with all of them, however he suggested that I’m just not taking enough of them.  So I will increase the doses of my current supplement regimen which you can read about here.

Sometimes, like last night I needed something for fast relief of heartburn and reflux, so I picked this up at the natural foods store this morning too.

003 002

I know I’m on the right path, and I know it will get better in time, I’m just being a bit impatient.  For so long I was able to eat and drink anything I wanted and now (at least for right now) I’m not able to do that.

But I will keep on keeping on.  30 days of increasing the supplements and a stricter diet.  Here we go!

What’s Cooking 5/18/16?

  • Breakfast: bone broth (homemade – chicken)
  • Lunch: same as lunch – bone broth
  • Dinner: same as lunch and breakfast – bone broth

I’m taking a break today from food, giving my digestive system a rest.  And guess what, so far no heartburn or reflux.

Have a great day,

Till Next Time,


3 thoughts on “Day 10 – No Prilosec – Update

  1. It is so hard to be patient, but do all you can to hang in there. You are not even two WEEKS out from learning how to live without something you’ve been taking for two DECADES, so it’s understandable that there’s a bit of discomfort.

    Remember, you are going for the cure, which is often more difficult than just masking the symptoms.

    As for what’s cooking today in my world?
    b-my usual 2-egg plain omelette, plus a banana
    l&d–i made some chicken stew stuff with chicken, sweet potato, a little onion, garlic, coconut milk, and spices (curry powder, turmeric, black pepper, and cumin). The spices aren’t quite the right ratio, but it’s passable. I have some fresh cauliflower that’s on mustgo status, so i added some in the stew for lunch and will do the same for dinner.

    I’ve got at least two more portions of the stew to go.

    1. I know, I’m just being impatient… today is actually much better day, pity party over.
      Your chicken stew sounds good. I have all those ingredients, I should try it. Did you marinade the chicken in the spice or was this a dump and cook stew?

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