Friday’s Frugal Five and One Frugal Fail

I’m going to start with the frugal fail.

I made the worst meal of all time this week.  It was so bad that even the Z Man who is a Saint said “Baby, you don’t need to write this one down”  (sometimes if we have really enjoyed a meal, I’ll make notes about it in a recipe journal I keep)

The concept of the meal worked in my mind, but the follow through and end result was so bad, so so so bad that I threw the whole meal out and didn’t even try to repurpose it.

In my electric pressure cooker I put brown basmati rice, diced onion, diced carrot and water.  Then I put the steaming rack in the pot and put cod filets on it.  I pressed the button for rice and let her rip.

What I ended up with was one large glob of overcooked rice and cod filets that were so over cooked they resembled a dried up old sponge.  It was awful.   FRUGAL FAIL!  (well the chickens got the rice)

Friday’s Frugal Five:

  • Earlier this week we saved $17.00 on each apple and pear tree we bought for our little homestead orchard, paying only $7.69 for each tree.
  • I returned some clothes that one of my other personalities purchased on an impulse and they were not at all my style.  I don’t know why she does that sometimes!
  • I colored my own hair, which is not unusual… the unusual part is that I foiled my own hair and put darker undertones in it.  Foiling your own hair is NOT easy.   The products cost me about $5 saving me $115 of what it was going to cost at the salon.  No, it doesn’t look as good as it would have had it been done professionally, but the Z Man likes it so I’m ok with it too.
  • I spent $27.44 at the grocery store this week which brings my total for the month for groceries to $66.45.
  • Laundry was dried on the clothes line, no meals were eaten out or carried out, lunches were from leftovers or salad in a jar, bills are paid, still adding to the pickle jar and still breathing fresh air and loving it.

How about you, what frugal fun have you had this week?

Till Next Time,



4 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five and One Frugal Fail

  1. Well, the chickens liked it at least.

    I must admit, I winced a little as you didn’t mention that the rice was already well on the way to being cooked before you added the cod. Fish don’t take long to cook.

    If you wanted to try this again and steam the rice while you’re away, that’s one thing, but the fish should be started when you get home. By the time you’ve got the table set, washed your hands, and are nearly ready to eat, the fish will be done.

    One fail in a long string of successes is annoying, and I know I felt the same way when I followed a recipe to the letter–TO THE LETTER- which I almost never do-and it was awful. Went straight to the compost bin after one bite. sigh

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