Coming Soon – The Little Homestead Orchard

The Z Man and I have been wanting to add fruit crops to our little homestead but couldn’t decide what we wanted.

I had dreams of a big strawberry patch and making strawberry jam and strawberry wine and strawberry shortcakes and strawberry pies and strawberry syrup and strawberry everything.

While the Z Man was having nightmares of more work for him and an aching back.  Admittedly most often my ideas do create more work for him, so I understand.

We decided on apples and pears and off to the nursery we went.  I called ahead to make sure they still had trees in stock and the man on the phone said, “yep we’ve got apple trees, come get what you want cause the wind is blowing them all over the parking lot and I’m tired of picking them up”

He wasn’t kidding either.  When we got there the trees were all laying down and scattered about.  And, I guess he was tired of picking them up because he marked the trees down from $24 to $7.00 each.

We got 13 trees!   3 Liberty Apple, 2 Golden Delicious Apple, 1 Red Delicious Apple, 1 Pink Lady Apple, 1 Macintosh Apple, 1 Winesap Apple and 4 Kieffer Pears.

Apple Trees Orchard 2  Orchard 1

It was a good decision to go with apples and pears instead of strawberries.

In about 3 or 4 years we’ll be enjoying the fruits of these trees for many years to come.

I can see apple butter, apple pie, apple cider, apple wine, apple crisp, apple everything.

I feel like our little homestead is complete now.   We have our vegetable and herb gardens, we have our chickens and pigs, we have goji berries and wild blackberries and now we have apples and pears.

Well, complete at least until I get my next crazy idea…. I can feel the Z Man just shaking his head at me now and wondering what’s next.


2 thoughts on “Coming Soon – The Little Homestead Orchard

  1. You can still have strawberries, although you might want to consider a raised bed. Or, you can go to a pick-and-pay place where you can pick for a day or two, have the backache, and process the berries.

    I never had much success with growing strawberries, although raspberries have been easier for me.

    I have two apples trees left, one is a very old tree and unsure what kind of apple, tastes a lot like a cross between a Rome and McIntosh. Last year was a bumper crop. Hope this year is good as well.

  2. Hmm I left a comment and accidentally wiped it and left it again, but it’s still not here. Maybe the third time is a charm.

    You can grow strawberries if you want; a raised bed may make it a tad easier on the back. Or you can go to a pick-and-pay place, have the backache for the days you pick and then go home and process the berries.

    I did not have much luck with strawberries when I tried growing my own. Raspberries, blackberries, and wineberries were much happier on my watch.

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