Homestead Happenings

July has been busier than a humming-bird on crack.  I can’t believe the month is about over already. We’ve been very busy on our little homestead with gardening, feeding, canning, cleaning, building, clearing and all the other ings it takes to have a homestead.

The gardens are coming in strong.  The cucumbers have been a good harvest too.  I’ve put up 24 pints of bread and butter pickles.

We finished up with the spring green beans and ended up with six gallons in the freezer.  The Z Man has planted more green beans for me to can, but we aren’t sure how well they are going to do.  Between the rabbits and the heat, they aren’t looking too great.

The sweet potatoes and the butternut squash are looking great!  Cant wait for those.

The pigs are growing and the chickens are doing fine, but none of us like this heat.

Chickens 1

Our tomatoes are finally coming in and I canned 8 quarts of tomato juice last weekend.  Perfect timing too as this week I opened my last jar from last years crop.

This weekend I’ll be canning salsa.

The Z Man’s pumpkins are really amazing this year!  Is it bad that I am ready for fall, football and pumpkin everything?

It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!

Pumpkin 2

We’ve had some really strong storms lately, but some don’t seem to mind….

Frog 1


It’s true, rain is a good thing…. it keeps everything growing and green.

Front Yard 1

We are so blessed… Thank you God for loving us.

And thank you to the Z Man for all of his beautiful photography.

I hope y’all are having a wonderful summer.

Till next time,




2 thoughts on “Homestead Happenings

  1. I like the photos very much and love your “hummingbird on crack” metaphor! It’s been dry here this summer so wild things have bloomed early. Some stuff in my garden dried up or pouted and didn’t set much fruit, like my tomato plants.

    1. Thanks, Megan. If you see a good photo on our blog it is definitely from the Z Man, he takes very good pictures, while my photography is marginal at best. 🙂

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