Additions To The Family

Meet Mattie and Wesley.

Dogs 1


These two adorable babies needed a new home, so we gave them one.

They are West Highland Terriers and just the sweetest little things.

In just the short couple of weeks they have been with us we have fallen completely in love with them.

They have settled right in and actually now I think they believe we live with them as you can see by them standing guard on the table.

Wesley (on the right) isn’t real fond of the pigs, actually they scare the crap out of him.  But they both like visiting with the chickens and you better hold on tight if they catch the scent of a rabbit around the gardens.

Even more exciting is that we think there could be even more additions to the family in a little less than two months.  We believe that Mrs. Mattie is with puppy.

After Charlie (our old yellow lab) passed I really didn’t think we would ever get another dog and now we have two and we just love them to pieces.

So, off to the vet we go to have Mrs. Mattie checked out.


I just sit here shaking my head.  You never know whats going to happen next on our little homestead.

Till next time,








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