Friday’s Frugal Five

I’ve mentioned before that I wouldn’t really consider us “preppers” as much as I like to consider us as just being prepared.  Because of our homestead lifestyle and growing a lot of our own foods, having a stock pile tends to come with the territory.  I also try to shop in bulk to take advantage of better pricing which segways us into this weeks frugal five.

  1. Kroger had an awesome buy 5 deal on several items this past week.  Peanut butter being one of them, so I stocked up on 10 jars for .99¢ each.  (Goes great with the grape jelly I made) 🙂
  2. Kroger also had Dave’s Killer Bread in the buy 5 deal so I bought 10 loaves (for the freezer) at $3.19 a loaf.  I know this is still expensive for a loaf of bread, but we love this bread and consider it worth the price for Organic.
  3. A little while back I made some blackberry jam, but didn’t remove the seeds and while it had a great flavor, we just couldn’t tolerate the seeds.  Since I was in jelly making mode this week I opened all the jars, strained the seeds, ran it through my food mill, cooked it down with another box of pectin and re-canned it.  I certainly wasn’t going to waste it, so now we have some seedless blackberry jam we can enjoy.
  4. I have a bit of a confession to make.  I love cherry season and when they are plentiful in the grocery stores I can’t resist.  I buy them every week, and it can get a little expensive.   Monday I bought a big bag of cherries for the week and they looked good when I got them, but then by the next day they had gotten all soft and shriveled and did not taste good at all.  I called the grocery store and she told me to bring my receipt in and they would either give me more cherries or refund my money.
  5. Similar to number 4, this week when I purchased avocados, they looked perfect, not too soft and no bad spots, but when I sliced them open every one of them were at least 50% black inside.  Again the nice woman at the grocery store told me to bring my receipt and they would replace them or refund my money.
  6. Bonus – We had a rep visit us at work yesterday and brought in a huge box of Panera bagels that apparently no one wanted so I brought them home.  I know some people may snicker at this, but seriously why waste food?  Why?  The Z Man and I will enjoy them.  I can see some bacon, egg and tomato breakfast bagels in our future this weekend and probably toasted bagels with butter and grape jelly  😉

Including our daily frugals of drying clothes on the clothes line, packing lunches for work and still adding my quit smoking money to the pickle jar and breathing fresh air.

How about you, what frugal fun have you had this week?

Till next time,


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