Friday’s Frugal Five

I started my bullet journaling this week.  This is such a genius idea and I’m so excited about it.  I’ve been journaling for years, but never thought about journaling this way.

Bullet journaling is basically just adding a table of contents to your journal by leaving the first couple of full page spreads empty and creating the table of contents as you go.  It makes referencing so easy.

I got the idea this past weekend from a blog video by Eddie Wadsworth who has the beautiful blog Life in Grace.  She is very personable and she gives great detail on bullet journaling in the video.  You should check it out, she really is lovely.

My grocery pic this week:


Fridays Frugal Five:

  1. Made a return which netted me $37.06
  2. Picked up a few grocery items, keeping my side blinders on and sticking to my list I spent $36.50 on fresh fruits and veggies this week.  I also stocked up on brown rice as you can see.  Right now I’m really enjoying a mushroom omelet and an apple in the mornings for breakfast and it’s working great for me digestively.
  3. We will be picking and canning green beans this weekend.  We planted fall beans and the rabbits decided to leave us a few.  Perhaps we’ll have some rabbit stew this weekend too. 😉
  4. We heat our house with wood and we built the first fire of the season this week.  I love the warmth of wood heat and I love the lower electric bill.
  5. Keeping on keeping on with our frugal routines of saving, tracking our spending, paying bills on time to avoid late fees and breathing fresh air and adding to the pickle jar.

What frugal fun have you had this week?

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Till next time,





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