What Was Cooking This Week

Breakfasts were…


Smoothies for breakfast, well smoothies for my breakfast, I haven’t been able to convince the Z Man into it yet.

Right now I’m also enjoying a mushroom scramble and a apple on the side for breakfast too.  This isn’t a great picture, but it was yummy.  This particular one I added homemade salsa on top.


This is what the Z Man likes to call “Somma” which means some of this and some of that.  I took this picture before adding the bow tie pasta and fresh grated parmesan cheese.  I served it along side grilled venison tenderloin.  Very healthy and one of our favorite meals.  It’s also very good with homemade pesto mixed in.


Another one of our favorite meals is enchilada night.

This particular week was venison and black bean enchilada with homemade guacamole, homemade salsa and homemade yogurt.  We always use yogurt in place of sour cream.  I love that most all of this meal is grown and / or harvested by our own hands.  But then again most of our meals are.


And I roasted some veggies this week too.  Carrots, turnips, butternut squash, potatoes and onions.  I love roasting veggies, it’s such and easy side dish for any meal.


And there is a chicken in that pot 🙂


So that’s pretty much what we ate this week.

Lunches were leftovers of these meals.

I did not buy any groceries this week, so that keeps my total at $89.84 for the month.

We eat pretty darn good around the Z Homestead  😉

What did y’all eat this week?

Till next time,


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