I’m A Paper and Pencil / Pen Girl

I have a lap top, a tablet, and a smart phone yet I always turn to my paper and pencil for most everything I do.

(In full disclosure I would like to throw my laptop out in the yard, set it on fire, then run over it with my car….   I’ve never felt that way about one of my planners, just saying)

I’ve always enjoyed writing and some say that I have a dramatic hand writing because it sways and curves a lot.

I just think there is beauty in writing.  Just imagine if we still wrote notes to each other instead of texting.

My planner….  I’ve tried many planners from the expensive Franklin Covey big zipper binders, to making my own 3 ring binder with multi colored tabs.

What I am certain of is that if it’s not convenient, I won’t use it.

So I got rid of all the bulk and condensed everything down to a simple little day planner that is about 8.5″ x 5″ that I carry in my bag.

  • I keep track of my budget in it
  • I track my spending in it
  • I record bills due and paid
  • the obvious of birthdays and anniversaries
  • I keep my coupons in it, passwords, notes, to do list

I ordered my 2017 planner and I decided to get a pretty one for next year.


I’ve already begun thinking about new years resolutions…  My thoughts keep going toward putting more beauty in my life.  It’s an idea and desire that I’m working on a plan for 2017.  More on that later 😉

Anyway, I carry a bag with me (All… The… Time…) My sister gave me this bag that I’m carrying now, it’s the perfect size and everything is a nice fit in it.


Here are some of the things that are currently in my bag.  Journal, recipe notebook, planner, sticky notes, to do note pad, pencil, pens, highlighter.


I think I got this from my Dad because I can remember him always carrying a bag with him too.  Of course his wasn’t all sparkly with paisley and glitter trim. 😉

Like me, He also enjoys writing and I can remember him leaving my Mom little love notes on the kitchen counter.

The Z Man and I do that too, leave little notes for each other, maybe on the counter or the bathroom mirror.

No matter what it is, I think when you put it in words on paper (or the bathroom mirror), it just has a little more special meaning to it.

Are you paper and pencil or do you lean more toward technology for your needs?

Till next time,




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