Hog Harvest – Part 2

There are 2 parts to the Hog Harvest blog for 2 reasons.  The first reason is because we raise 2 hogs each year and the second reason is because of how we chose and ultimately had to harvest them this year.

As I mentioned the first hog was taken by our local independent processor to be skinned and quartered, then I made the finished cuts.  The second hog wasn’t harvested until after I cut my finger trying to process venison ribs.

Again we called on our local processor for help and again they did an amazing job with it.  They did the full job from beginning to end including grinding and packaging the sausage.   I feel very lucky to have been able to call on them for help.

The bacon from the second hog is in the curing process now and we will be smoking it this weekend, along with some hams and hocks.

This time I chose to have the back straps cut into bone in pork chops that are honestly the nicest pork chops I’ve ever seen.  This requires skill and a saw, just like the ribs do.  Clearly a skill I have not mastered yet but have begun the lesson the hard way.

We also have a bunch of ham steaks, and lots of sausage.

My Mother came over for hog #1 and helped the Z Man grind sausage, here are some cute pictures.



This one isn’t funny anymore  😉   Notice the Z Man’s hand/finger.

I love the expression on Mom’s face.


So the 2016 hog harvest is done and the freezers are full.  We are very blessed.

I hope you have a lovely weekend,

Till next time,



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