Friday’s Frugal Five

Gosh, it’s really been a minute since I’ve done a Friday Frugal Five post.

And again, I am not ashamed to admit that I completely stole the Frugal Five from Katy Wolk-Stanley of the amazing website The Non-Consumer Advocate.  If you haven’t stopped by her website or facebook group, you really should.  Very inspiring, and a group of great people there.

Ok, here it is.

  1. We (for the most part) stuck to our meal plan this week and stayed out of the grocery store, restaurants and drive thru.  As a matter of fact I made a return netting me $7 and change.  The change went into my change jug.
  2. I increased my 401 contributions and my contingency fund deposits to absorb the raise I got 😉
  3. My bank has a change counter machine that is free to their customers so I cashed out my change jug and deposited that money into the freedom account category that is closest due (taxes!)
  4. I set up my freedom account categories for 2017 and adjusted those deposits accordingly.
  5. I bought nothing this week.  I put gas in the car and paid my insurance deductible for my physical therapy appointment, that’s it.  (Yes, I’m still in PT for cutting my finger – NOT frugal at all!)

Contingency Fund:  A contingency fund is a fund for emergencies or unexpected outflows, mainly economic crises such as a loss of a job or long-term illness or disability.  A three to six month fund to cover the cost of living expenses.

Freedom Account:  Think of the Freedom Account as a sort of holding bin. You deposit small sums into it each month because you are thinking ahead: You’re anticipating bigger, specific expenses down the road like annual insurance premiums, home repairs, personal property taxes…
(for example if you want to save $1,000 for personal property tax due on January 1st of next year and you get paid twice a month you would make 24 deposits of $41.67 into the contingency fund account to accrue the $1,000 you will need by then)

If you are familiar with Mary Hunt and Debt Proof Living, then you are more than likely familiar with the contingency fund and freedom account terms.

What frugal fun did you have this week?

Till next time,



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