Friday’s Frugal Five

We are already almost half way through January.  WOW!  Time is just flying.

The Frugal Girl is trying a new recipe each week for 2017 and I thought it would be fun to join in.  I made curry chicken and vegetables served over jasmine brown rice.  It was not our favorite and will not make it back on the menu plan.  I’m sure it could’ve been made better, but it was just a bit too sweet and not very spicy like we anticipated it to be.



Friday’s Frugal Five:

  1.  While I did stray from the menu plan a bit this week, it did not require a trip to the grocery store as I already had everything on hand.  The only purchases I’ve made so far this month were planned.  I didn’t plan a no spend January and of course it’s not no spend, but the only other expenses outside of monthly household expenses (groceries, electric, internet) is the physical therapy copay for my finger and a chainsaw for the Z Man.
  2. One of my 2017 goals is to wake up earlier and get my exercise done before leaving for work.  So far so good, but I would like (and probably will need) a new pair of tennis shoes before long.  For right now I’m using a lightly worn pair I purchased last year for work, I’ll hold off on that purchase for a bit but not too long.  Must take good care of the feet.  Exercise is a good thing, exercising at home is better and no gym fees is the best.
  3. All the bills are paid for the month.  The budget is made out for the next three months and hopefully this will not be a snowy winter and I’ll not miss a lot of work.  While I love a good snow day every now and then, I don’t like using my paid vacation time off during the cold winter months.
  4.  Meal plan for next week is made, and I’ll pick up any needed groceries tonight.  Right now all I need is bananas and kale for my morning smoothies, some peas for a turkey pot pie and some tortillas for enchiladas.
  5. We purchased a chainsaw for the Z Man.  We heat our home 100% with wood, wood that the Z Man acquires by finding people who are wanting trees taken down and away.  I can’t say that it’s free heat because there is the expense of the chainsaw, oil and gas but it is a lot cheaper than electricity or gas heat.  We found a great deal on a chainsaw and it was needed.  As hard as that work is, it’s important to have good tools to get the job done.

How about you, what frugal fun have you had this week?

Till next time,


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five

  1. 1. I was successful not stopping at the grocery store to buy anything. However, I see that one of them is having a special on clementines, I love those, and my supply is low, so i’ll likely spend the $3.99 plus tax to get them either today or tomorrow (last day of the special price).
    2. I was running errands and wanted to get something to eat. Thought I’d have time to make something once I got back from my lunch hour, but one errand took more time than I had anticipated. I stopped at a local place and scored a sandwich half off. It was a huge tuna stuffed wrap with veggies. I ate it while finishing up my errands. I don’t like to do that, but for $3.11, it provided a good lunch, and I stayed full so that for dinner I had just a salad. Other than that, all meals and snacks were from home this week.
    3. I made my to-do list for the week and have completed most of it. One item included writing up a spending plan for 2017. Another was to clean out at least 2 drawers a week. I found that I have more plastic wrap than I thought and am good for the year. I also found that I had an extra box of Q-tips I didn’t know I had, and am good on those.
    4. Made more laundry detergent.
    5. Made my cold/flu tonic so I’m set for another year.

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