Friday’s Frugal Five

Today is a big day for a lot of people, some are happy about it and some are not and that’s ok.  But the certainty is that we are all together in this big ole thing we call life and we can choose to try and make the best of it, relying on no one but ourselves to better our lives, be happy and genuinely just try to be kind to one another.  That’s all, just be kind to each other.   Just my 2¢

  •  I made a big pot of (knock off Panera) broccoli cheddar soup.  It was delicious and the cost came in well under the Panera cost for a cup of soup.  I coupled that with Katy’s bread recipe which still kept cost around $1 per serving.  I put the rest of the soup we didn’t eat in the freezer.  I love easy pull from the freezer meals.
  • I was gifted some pure maple syrup.  I “put it up” with what I already had on hand in smaller batches to prevent it spoiling.  I’ve read mixed information about the shelf life of pure maple syrup, so I just decided not to chance it and sealed it up in pint jars.



  • Because of said soup in #1 I needed to go light the rest of the week with my diet.  It’s been 10 months since I quit the Prilosec (after a more than 20 year use of it) but too much of some things disrupt my digestive system.  So, veggies the rest of the week for me.  I stopped by two different stores and picked up a few veggies using 3 coupons that I had.  Here is what I bought and spent.  The mushrooms rang up wrong, $1.09 too high and I did take the time to ask the clerk to adjust the price which he did.  I’m going to do some experimental baking with almond flour and the enjoy life chocolate chips this weekend and all I can say it it better be damn good for the price I paid for both of them!  YIKES!


The fisher nuts were marked down so I stocked up on 2 large bags as I do use them in meals and snack on them quite a bit.  I love walnuts!

Kroger – $22.00

Walmart – $67.04 (fully paid with gift card)

Natures Outlet – $ 41. ($20 paid with a gift certificate)

Monthly grocery budget is $300 and I’ve spent $118.00

  • I used a gift certificate at Natures Outlet, the health food store and bought only what was on my list which was aloe juice and slippery elm, both are used for medicinal purposes to continue to repair my digestive system.
  • The Z Man has been working his butt off the last two weeks or so stockpiling wood for next year.   He is putting that new chain saw to good use.  We burn about 10 – 12 loads of wood every winter.  Like I mentioned before, wood is 100% our source for heat.  That’s a lot of wood… sometimes I feel like the Z Man is a slave to the wood stove.  But, neither one of us could imagine a $400 – $500 electric bill and don’t want to.  NOPE, DON’T WANT TO!

Your turn, what frugal fun have you had this week?

Till next time,


7 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five

  1. I decluttered the linen and hall closets.
    1. Found missing socks….4 pairs are now back in the drawer.
    2. Found NWT holiday items I’ll give to daughter in law for her birthday in August.
    Found NWT Valentines items I’ll post on FB group for sale. Found noise canceling headphones I’ll need for trip in July.
    3. Sold 3 items via Amazon and
    4. Returned 2 “diet” products via mail. Need to eat less and exercise more.
    5. Used $20 Office Depot rewards certificate to get 7 packages of 10 pens for .14/ package which are being donated to dog club. Got photo mailing envelopes, padded envelopes, to mail gifts and hand wipes and first
    aid kit for trip.
    Two bag of clothes to take to clothes mentor with hopes of some $$$

  2. Hey Lori! Love your frugal five (fellow NCA fan on FB with you). I’m with you on the prilosec. Usually fine most days, but some things will mess up the balance if I’m not careful! Also enjoyed seeing how you share what you’ve already spend in your budget and how that’s working out this month. I have to admit I spent an extra $25 on some really good herbal tea I found, and I didn’t budget that. Trying not to beat myself up too much about it! lol

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you liked it… Don’t beat yourself up, it happens. The good thing is that now we have ourselves thinking about our purchases and not just swiping the cc. How long had you been taking the Prilosec?

      1. Probably at least 15 years… I didn’t take it every single day, but I took it wayyyyyy too often.

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