Happy Valentines Day

I love this day as I am a hopeless romantic.  Even though I am not at all interested in expensive delivered roses or expensive dinners out at fancy restaurants.  All I really want is to spend as much time as I can with the Love of My Life…


My idea of expressing love is perhaps cooking a homemade meal with some chocolate goodness for dessert.

Going for a walk or curling up on the sofa holding hands and sneaking as many kisses as possible.

Building a bigger chicken coop because I’m picking up the 12 baby chicks next week. 😉

Happy Valentines Day Friends!

Till next time,


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day

  1. Growing up we didn’t have much, however my mom would always get us girls (3) something for Valentines Day. Hair barrettes, hair ties, fancy socks and as we grew older lipstick, nail polish or hosiery. I’ve continued doing something for my two sons (almost 37 and 40). I mailed a “care package” to younger son and his wife (some recent photos, photo frame, fun socks for daughter in law and son’s favorite candy) and sent a similar package to my younger sister. Older son and his bride to be were here over the weekend. I found a hideous orange wire basket at the thrift store. Spray painted it white. Then I filled with Lindor chocolates I got after Christmas at $1.75 a bag, added chap stick, NWT flour sack kitchen towel (thrift store find), two packages of BIC pens (had coupons so they were
    free). Viola Valentine’s Day!

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