Friday’s Frugal Five & A Frugal Fail

Frugal Fail:

I saw a  Schwan’s Food discount for 50% off (up to $50 total) and free delivery so I “thought” that might be a good deal.  I was very excited about the offer and I stupidly didn’t pay attention to the weights of the food items.  When I got my products home and realized the small portions I was a bit surprised and disappointed.

The Z man and I like to take leftovers to work for our lunches which inherently determines the amount of food I cook.  In other words I will make a large meal and we will make many meals out of it, whereas the Schwan’s products are geared more toward single servings, which absolutely can be a good thing for some people as well.

The 50% off code is FIFTYOFF that you key in at check out.   This promotional code is good till February 28th.  If you like Schwan’s which I have found out that many people do, then use it.  Many people like the quality of the food and the portion sizes for dietary purposes.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes it’s ok to pay a little extra for convenience.

However for our needs, I’m chalking this up as a frugal fail just because I didn’t pay attention to the details.

Here is what I bought.

  • 2 boxes (10 count) of boneless chicken breast (2 lbs total weight)  $35.98
  • 1 box of wild caught salmon filets (8 count and 2 lbs total weight) $22.99
  • 1 box of wild caught cod filets (4 count 1 lb total weight) $17.99
  • 1 mini beef pot roast dinner $17.99
  • 1 box of mini dark chocolate ice cream bites  $7.49
  • 1 box of mini cheese cake bites $18.99


With the $50 discount and including tax  my total was $73.22

Frugal Five:

  • Celebrated Valentines Day by making the Z Man a homemade card using construction paper I already had and I bought him work gloves that he desperately needed.
  • Returned books and audio books to the library on time to avoid late fees.
  • Returned a case for my tablet that I ordered from Amazon that did not fit and decided to just keep using my old one that has one broken strap.  I hardly ever take it out of the house anyway, I think it will be fine.
  • The Z Man repaired the rear lights on my car himself, he is very handy like that.
  • All of our meals were prepared at home, no carry out and no drive thru food and the meal planning is done for next week too.

Grocery wise this has been a spendy month for me so far.  I also bought some grass fed beef roast from my local supplier.  These prices I’m perfectly ok with as I get to actually see the way these animals are treated and cared for, and there is no better beef (or milk) than what I’m able to get at Double M Dairy.   Total spent $43 for 4 roast which works out to be about $6 per pound.  Sorry, no picture.

I also picked up some kale, sweet peppers, almonds, avocado, and bread for the Z Man’s peanut butter and jelly and his egg sandwiches.  Total spent $24.

Spent $141 this week.  Added to my balance of $149 comes to $290 so far for the month leaving me only $10 for the remainder of the month.  This is going to definitely make the rest of the month interesting.  YIKES!

How about you, what frugal fun have you had this week?

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five & A Frugal Fail

  1. Our week was somewhat involuntarily frugal as DD had stomach flu. I was grateful to have some items on hand like soup. We had a breakfast party at work and I made some homemade bread which was from ingredients on hand. Jen @Healthfulsaver

  2. Bummer about your “frugal fail”. I have that problem too with ordering groceries, and even ordering other things online! Nothing beats be able to see things in person!!

    Kudos for no takeout this week! We had been on a roll 2 weeks no takeout, but we decided to get some take-out for valentine’s stay in date night. Hoping to cook at home all week this upcoming week!

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