Decisions Decisions Decisions….

Sometimes life needs to dictate the decisions we make on our mini homestead and we’ve had to make some of those decisions lately deciding to choose needs over wants, or maybe it was wants over needs…  either way,  what we’ve decided is to keep things simple for a while.

A couple of weeks ago I said that I wanted to increase our flock of chickens and free range them.  If you have chickens then you’ll understand when I say they can be addicting.

I do want more chickens and I want to sell eggs, and I want to be a full time homesteader living off of our land and selling our surplus products.  I want to wear an apron all day, gathering eggs, taking care of the animals, working in the gardens, wearing my rubber boots, hanging clothes on the line, baking pies and snapping beans in a rocking chair on the front porch.


But, that is not going to happen.  The Z Man and I both work full time jobs outside the home and that’s something that we will need to continue to do right now.

We also want to take vacations, go camping, go to the beach, go camping at the beach…  We have a camper, a lovely camper just waiting for us to take her out.

beach 2

However, when you have a homestead full of farm animals you can’t just up and leave for a week.  Who’s going to take care of everything?  It’s really hard to ask someone to come over in the early morning hours to feed and water them and then come back and make sure they are all safe in their beds and shut everything up for the night.

We’ve decided that we will not increase our flock of chickens and we will not do the hogs this year.  We are going to have to cull a couple of our older girls this spring as it is time to rotate and add 3 which will keep us with 6 and provides us with all the eggs we need.



This wasn’t an easy decision, because we truly do love this lifestyle and we are not giving up on our homestead ways, we will continue to burn wood for heat, hang our clothes on the line, stay out of debt, raise our gardens and “put up” those gardens in jars.   Our freezers are full of meat, so we will be fine there, and I do mean seriously full!  I really should challenge myself to not buy any meats for the rest of 2017.

We’re just going to keep it simple this year.

That’s why I named this blog “Z Life Blog”   Because one thing we are certain of is that life changes and leads you in different directions from time to time.  We absolutely love our lifestyle, but we are not “just” mini homesteaders we are lifesteaders.  😉

Till next time,


3 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions Decisions….

  1. Love it! Animals are a big responsibility. I livestock sit on occasion for a friend who has a flock of chickens and 3 pygmy goats. I love being on the “farm” so to speak for a couple of hours a day. Don’t want that responsibility full time.

  2. My in-laws made friends with the local 4-H clubs and now are able to hire one of the 4-Hers to come and feed and check on their animals for a small fee. They too have a camper and want to go camping and this has been the only way to do it.

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