Friday’s Frugal Five And Grocery Budget Bust

BIG BUST and I can not lie…  Yep, my grocery budget is a bust this month.

Here is what I bought:


Total spent $35.00   (That doesn’t look like much for $35.00 does it)

And then I busted it again!!!


I found mushrooms on sale yesterday and have plans for canning them.  We eat a lot of mushrooms and at $1.89 I grabbed up all I could, considering they are usually around $3.89   I spent $32.00

What’s not pictured is a bag of salad and avocado that I had for lunch yesterday.

Spending $67.00 brings my total for February to $357.00   Over by $57.00

This is not good considering it is a short month.  I’m going to say one word about it then let it go….  SCHWAN’S!!!!

Friday’s Frugal Five:

  • I’m considering the $1.89 mushroom find a frugal win.  Looks like I’ll be canning mushrooms this weekend.
  • Brought home two 50 pound bags of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) from work this week ($15 per bag is my work discount).  I use baking soda for cleaning, I use it with white vinegar in the sink drains to “fiz” them clean, I use a 50/50 mixture baking soda with my laundry and dishwasher detergent to stretch it further, and both work just as good when doing this.
  • Every morning I woke early and got my exercise in before leaving for work.  Exercising in the morning boosts my energy levels and lifts my spirits.  I do believe that being happy and feeling good is a very important part of healthy frugalness.
  • I purchased some marked down Valentines day goodies to use as birthday presents, saving 80%.
  • I’ll make a March meal plans this weekend.  I’ll start on our taxes this weekend so that I’m not down to crunch time in April.  We will start our tomato seedlings this weekend so they will be ready for the garden in May.  Sounds like a busy weekend.

Your turn,  what frugal fun did you have this week or fun planned for the weekend?

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Till next time,



2 thoughts on “Friday’s Frugal Five And Grocery Budget Bust

  1. I walked to the store 1.5 miles round trip twice this week. Sold a couple of things and got a class action lawsuit check.

  2. WTG on the mushrooms! I’ve dried some when I’ve gotten a bunch on sale, and they are handy to add to soups and stews. At my last location I was surrounded by mushroom growers and could get them very fresh and often for a below grocery store price. One of the growers used to give us 3- or 5-lb containers at Thanksgiving when I worked at the bank, and that was VERY handy.

    For me this week?
    •still within my grocery budget for the month. Unsure if i’ll make it to month’s end and say that, though. Didn’t do the Schwan’s thing because no room in the freezer, and am unsure that i’ll ever do it.
    •was still hungry after dinner yesterday (was leftovers and not quite enough to fill up), so got a large salad with chicken in it on the way home from my piano lesson. Ate part of it when I got home and had the rest for lunch today. It felt like a treat, and for $6.50 I ate twice and got a bottle of water for free since I got the salad.
    •am going to look at a cupboard tomorrow that might come home with me. I have to see if it “speaks” to me live and in-person. It might be the catalyst for kitchen renos. Not frugal, necessarily, but I’ve been living with this kitchen for awhile now and know I need to make changes in it. The ceramic top stove, while sleek looking is NOT good for canning. When the side-by-side fridge made scary noises, i mean the kind where you think it’s going to explode, i decided it was better to replace than repair (had repaired it once already). The side-by-side came with the house, not my choice, but it worked, so i kept it, and the earlier repair just made the cut (I said no more than $300 for the repair bill, and it was $289). My replacement fridge is a plain, white fridge. No extra doodads and suits me just fine. I figured i had time to make a plan so long as all the appliances worked, but once i started needing to replace them, I’d have to have an idea about re-do.
    •start on taxes. I didn’t get to it last weekend, and need to start laying out the numbers.
    •the temps are climbing, and we’re supposed to have some rain Saturday, so not sure if i’ll get a chance to snowshoe. We’ve got a bit over a foot of snow left.

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