Carrots For Breakfast

The Z Man wanted carrot cake… I’m glad that I had the ingredients on hand and could whip one up for him last night.  Good for breakfast this morning too.


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Friday Frugal Five

Again, I want everyone to know that I am completely stealing Five Frugal Things from Katy over at The Non Consumer Advocate.  I love her blog and if you have time, pop over there and check it out.

Five Frugal Things:

  • On Monday (before the March Madness Grocery Budget Challenge) I price shopped at Wal-Mart for avocados.  I showed the cashier my receipt from Aldi and she rang my avocados up for 59¢ each instead of 99¢  (they price match).  I’ll be hanging on to that Aldi receipt.
  • Took advantage of the warm weather this week and hung 3 loads of laundry on the line.
  • I cleaned and organized my kitchen cabinets, ending up with a large box of things to go to Goodwill.  I’ll keep decluttering and hopefully get some things listed on Craigs List.
  • Returned my books on cd to the library on time and picked up more. (On time means no late fees which is frugal)
  • Started another batch of citrus (vinegar) cleaner with leftover orange peels.  See my post titled “Orange Chicken” for the details.  I organized the pantry, fridge and freezer preparing for the MMGBC (extra points for sharing what those initials stand for)
  • (OK 6 Frugal things) Bought a bottle of vodka yesterday because the ice cold Corona with lime has too many damn calories!!! (more on that next week) Vodka with seltzer and lime juice, only 90 calories, BAM!  What????  That IS NOT groceries!!!  I’ll start testing the frugality of the vodka tonight, stay tuned.

Now your turn.  Do you have Five Frugal Things to share?

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The March Madness Grocery Budget

Let the madness begin, but I’m not talking about basketball.   Some friends and I have decided for each of us to come up with a “personal challenge” for the month of March.  My challenge is to plan our meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from the current (as of today) pantry and freezer items we have on hand.  I have only allowed $20 a week to supplement with fresh dairy, veggies or bread.

That’s it! $20 bucks a week for food for the entire month of March.  I have already put this weeks $20 in my grocery envelope.  This challenge will not include purchases of medicines or medical supplies, gas or work related expenses, or the occasional bottle of corona with lime.  Food products only.  Right now my pantry, fridge and freezers are pretty well stocked, so honestly I think we’ll be just fine.

I do have a trip planned for March, and the challenge will not be in effect during that time.  But I do want to keep meal expense to a minimum.  I’ll let you know how that works out.

I’ll post the meals (hopefully with pics) and grocery purchases weekly for accountability.

The thing about a challenge of any kind is that it’s a reminder for you to stay focused on the end goal.   I feel pretty good knowing that we’ll be ok on $20 a week for groceries but having that challenge makes sure I’m not just mindlessly stopping at the store because I feel like having whatever for dinner, or because I haven’t planned ahead.

Would you like to join in?  What personal challenge or goal do you want to reach in March?  It doesn’t have to be grocery budget related.  It could be anything you want it to be like exercise, drinking enough water, not drinking sodas, cutting back on sugar, or writing in your gratitude journal, helping others, organizing your living space…..  it can be anything.  I’d love to hear about it.

Till Next Time,