Turn Your Waste Into Want

I used to do a post on Wednesday’s called Wednesday Waste.  But honestly I have gotten so particular about waste, I mean to the point where the Z Man gives me the side eye and just grins, and I know he is thinking “what is she doing now”.  It got to the point where I really didn’t have much to talk about in the waste posts, or so I thought.

Kitchen waste in the past year has minimized because of our chickens.  They get all of my vegetable scraps, well the ones that don’t get tossed into the freezer for soups.

Anything that doesn’t go to the chickens or freezer and isn’t meat goes into the compost pile.

Anything that is safely burnable goes into the kindling box.

However, as with most things, there is always room for improvement.  I know I’m doing better than I was a year ago, but honestly, I’m just scratching the surface compared to some.  Take a look at the picture below.  This is taken by another Non Consumer Advocate follower.  She turns her chicken feed bags into reusable tote bags.  This is genius!  I fell in love with this idea as soon as I saw it and immediately contacted Dawn and asked if I could share it.  She takes 50lb feed bags and turns them into something reusable instead of them ending up in the landfill.  I love it!

This idea gives full credit to thinking outside the box and that there is always room for improvement.  The point of my Wednesday Waste post was to cut back on waste, which was fine, but now my perspective has been changed, thanks to Dawn.

How can I turn my waste into a want?  That needs to be asked along with how can I keep this out of the trash.  After all, they say one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Thank you Dawn for allowing me to share your picture, and giving me a new perspective on waste.

Now, I’m off to feed the chickens and make some bags.

Till Next Time,


Wednesday Waste

I made quinoa for the first time last week.  And while we loved it I have to say it was a bit deceiving.  You see it’s these little teeny tiny grains that look like they aren’t going to amount to much, so I made the entire box and it made a mountain of quinoa.


We really liked it and we had it for lunches and dinners for what seemed like forever.   Needless to say that we got quinoa(ed) out.


Spring Blog Pics 005


It’s in the larger bowl, but all you can really see is the radishes, carrots, and edemame but there is quinoa in there too.

A few more lime slices got tossed.

One of the things I struggle with is sauces.  I made tenderloin bites last week and I made a yogurt horseradish dipping sauce to go with them.   I tend to make too much sauce from time to time, so it got tossed out too.

About a cup of rice that never got repurposed went too.

This has not been a good week for waste.

I’ll admit that it is harder to stay on top of everything now that I’m working longer hours, but being able to report it here at least help keep me honest about it, and keeps it a little better than it could be.

Most of this stuff went into the compost bin, and some got tossed in the yard to feed the birds, which makes is not as bad…  But, I’m still a bit disappointed in our waste this week.

How about y’all.  Are you finding ways to reuse, repurpose and recycle?

Y’all Take Care!


Wednesday Waste – Is Anyone Listening?

Well this week wasn’t bad at all.  This was all I had to toss out…..


Blog Food Pics 111


Some lemon and lime wedges.  I did save the plastic bag and washed it for reuse.

Clearly I didn’t drink enough wine spritzers this week…  😉

Oh, note to self… I need to pick up some seltzer water…  thanks for reminding me.  (am I talking to myself now, through my own blog?  and did I answer?  weird!)


The ZMan and I set up our recycling system and our compost system and it’s really working out well.  This system makes the amount of garbage we have now very minimal.  So much so that we’ve cancelled the trash pick up service and now it’s just a matter of tossing a garbage bag into the bin a couple of times a week. 

We have to take our recycling to the same location as the garbage bin, so it just made sense to save the additional cost of trash pick up.

I am a little disappointed that our county doesn’t recycle glass though.  I mean hello… wine bottles!  Do I need to say anymore?  Am I really going to have to go back to drinking boxed wine? 

Well, yes… yes I am. 


Blog Food Pics 155



I found this great red that I’ve been enjoying.   Even the ZMan likes it.  Not that I ever expect to convert him from beer, nor do I want to (share that much, lol), but it’s nice to enjoy a glass of wine together every now and then.

The problem with a boxed wine is that you can’t “see” how much is exiting the box.  You have to rely on the pour level and glass count.  (yes I said glass count, and yes I “sometimes” have more than one glass)  Oh, wow excuse me while I pull myself together, that was just too funny!!!!  One glass!!!  LOL!!!  Really!!!

What I mean is you can’t look at the box and say, oh half the bottle is gone (already) and pretend to be shocked.  🙂

Anyway, if you like a full flavored but lighter side red then you should try it out.  Actually, boxed wines have come a long way and there are some really good ones out there now. 

And, isn’t that just grand for me now that I can recycle the box and not worry about the glass bottles piling up on me.  


Did you have any waste this week?  Have you checked??   Is anyone listening???

Y’all Take Care!


Wednesday Waste

I have a confession to make…. I haven’t done a very good job at taking pictures for our blog when I should be.  I find myself breezing through recipes or the fun things we do and forgetting to take pictures. 

I’ll do better I promise… ’cause I know our lifestyle is of the utmost importance to you 🙂

I did have a few things I had to toss this week. 

A few salad greens.  I had bought a “huge” container of them on sale and we did really good at eating them up, but didn’t finish all of them, obviously.


Blog Food Pics 053


We also tossed some leftover spaghetti sauce with 3 meatballs and about 1 cup of mexican dip. (no picture, sorry)  It got pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten about.


I have been focusing lately on waste outside of just food related waste.  What I mean is I’ve been trying not to use disposable items when I can very easily use something more sustainable. 

For example when I’m packing our lunches,  even if it’s just granola or chips, they go into a reusable container instead of a plastic baggie.  Although, I will admit that I have no problem washing crumbs out of a plastic baggie and reusing it, but at some point it has to be tossed out.


Or if I’m baking a dish that needs to be covered, instead of using foil I use one of my aluminum baking sheets.  


Less waste and saving money.  By the way, have you noticed the price of aluminum foil lately?  WOW!



I love these storage containers and have a few sets of them.


About a year ago I decided that I was sick of all the stained and melted plastic containers falling out of the cabinet when I opened the door, so I’ve been gradually switching to the glass Pyrex containers.  I love them!  You don’t have to worry about the microwave melting or staining them and they should outlast any other storage containers I’ve had…  ok, provided that I don’t drop them. 

I do still use the hard plastic storage containers (like these) for freezing foods, because I don’t like to freeze a glass container. 


So, it’s not just about the food being tossed in the trash.  I’m really trying to cut back on all the waste in our lives.  We have a long way to go. 

Like everything else, it’s a process.

Y’all take care.